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We just opened the ask and there are already 13 messages LOL. Let’s see if I can tackle all of this.

BTW - it says the askbox has 7 messages but tumblr is only showing 3 of them, so if your question isn’t here then tumblr ate it.

bibliophileemily submitted:

Yes, the box is finally open so I can ask! I’ve noticed many characters wear small pendents around their necks, and I’ve driven myself crazy trying to figure out what symbols are on each person. The main one I’m trying to figure out is Belle’s; throughout “Skin Deep,” she has a small gold pendant on, but I can’t figure out what it is! I’ve been searching for closeups of her neck area, but I haven’t had any luck. Think you can help me out? P.S. It wouldn’t let me do it in the askbox because it said I had a link?

I noticed Emma and the Stranger wear necklaces but I never paid attention to the others. Emma wears a Phyrra necklace with a swan wax seal - you can check it out here. I’ll be sure to pay attention and look for the others from now on. Strange, you should be able to send a link fine via the submit box.

Anonymous asked:

The stranger claims his name is August in the sneak peak. Augustus was the title for Emperor in the Greco-Roman period. The stranger might be a King. As for W. Booth, I only know of one famous John W. Booth, who is best known as Lincoln assassin. I do not know if that is suppose to be a clue or if that is just a coincidence. His name and Emma’s comment about him maybe being married or hiding body parts, plus his general appearance makes me think of Blue Beard, but why would he be a writer?

I personally don’t think he’s a FT character. I thought his name was eerily too much serial killer like LOL. Interesting info though, maybe thats simply to show he neither good nor bad. He probably has some personal agenda. I’m betting on him being the 7 year old boy that found Emma though, and the strange circunstance in which she showed up probably stuck with him which could have caused him to search for the story behind it. 

Anonymous asked:

can you please make a gif of Ashley (cinderella) getting her proposal? that would be awesome, thanks

I’ll try to work on that as soon as I can, or if anyone wants to do it as a request, pelase go ahead :D

Anonymous asked:

I guess my question got lost… I am just concerned about the direction they took Mr. Gold when he started beating Mr. French in the cabin. I don’t see that much violence as necessary in this show (maybe in FTL but not in SB), & it actually doesn’t make sense to me. Did Mr. French really do all the things Mr. Gold was accusing him of as he was beating him to a pulp?? It seems that Mr. Gold was just taking revenge on Mr. French for what he (the king) did in FTL(or so Gold thought he did). ??

I don’t know if your question is one that got lost when Serena’s computer crashed, but I didn’t see it when I checked the inbox, so maybe it didn’t come through. Well, we have to remember that Mr Gold remembers everything that happened, so if Maurice doesn’t it beyond the point, doesn’t make a difference to Mr Gold. I think the beating was to show what Mr Gold/Rumple was capable of and how deep his feelings for Belle run. If he believed her father really was the reason for her death and he was in love with Belle then I can understand why the character as he’s been shown to us would beat Mr French half to death. It also shows us how dangerous of an enemy he can be to Regina.

Anonymous asked:

What do you think of this: Both the Queen and Rumple know that Belle’s kiss can in fact break Rumple’s curse. That means that he won’t be a beast, but also that he will lose all of his powers. Then the Queen would destroy him—and whoever he loves—-while he helplessly looks on, powerless and unable to defend them or himself. He is the ultimate jinx: If he loves or if anyone loves him, they both will be annihilated. Thus, as he said, he cannot be loved.

That’s an excellent point. It’s pretty clear that Rumple is a worthy oponent and that Regina can’t win against him. And he probably knows that which is the reason he chooses his power over Belle. If he chooses Belle she’s good as dead. That’s why Regina and Mr Gold is such an interesting pair. They both know what the other is capable of, they both know how much power the other have.

Anonymous asked:

I don’t agree with that thing about Belle being selfish at all, but what about runaway Charming? maybe the writers will explain it later, but it seems now that since he’s in love, he doesn’t care anymore about risking his mother’s life… by the way, that man in the wheelchair was Belle’s father, wasn’t he?

Exactly, it’s the same thing basically. I really felt bad for Charming’s mom when he left, but both he and Belle needed to leave their homes and family for the greater good. It isn’t selfish, they just did what they had to do.

almostblackandwhite asked:

from these set photos it looks like emma and the stranger are getting to know each other, working or hanging out together. also romantically? this would be awkward if one of the theories is true, e.g. that he is big henry (which I would really love though) or he is henry’s father and emma doesn’t remember his face… Or you think he is somebody completely different? I also think that it would be “too easy” if he was the writer of the book because everybody is already expecting that? ^^

I really doubt they’re hanging out together, and this is my personal opinion, I also really doubt he’s grown up Henry lol. And obviously he isn’t Henry’s father, because Emma would remember. My pick is him being the 7 year old boy that found Emma and there’s a lot more to the story.

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