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Here’s the last scheduling update of the season! Like we proviously speculated, the 2-week break is after episode 18, and ABC will re-air old episodes.

March 25th: 1.17 Hat Trick 
April 1st: 1.18 Stable Boy 
April 8: RERUN (7:15 AM)
April 15: RERUN (What Happened To Frederick)
April 22: 1.19 The Return
April 29: 1.20 The Stranger
May 6: 1.21 Apple Red As Blood
May 13th: 1.22 SEASON FINALE

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    My fucking thoughts exactly. Why bother with the MM/David BS? PLAY DESPERATE SOULS THEN SKIN DEEP!!!! THAT is the only...
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    Why those episodes?! Why the heck couldn’t we go back a bit? Maybe some Desperate Souls action? Or maybe even earlier...
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    The season finale is the Sunday after I graduate! :D
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    Only six … only … only six more episodes? Only SIX more episodes? WHAT IS THIS TORTURE?!?!?
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    The season finale is on my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! What better present for a fangirl?
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    Watch the Two Week Rerun break in April be a major cliff hanger!!!! I can’t believe the season finally is coming so...
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