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What are the chanced of Emma's true love's kiss is with Henry's father? Do you think it could happen? Just a random thought that popped into my head.

Well, it’s possible. But I still don’t believe that’s what will break the curse - it’s like, Emma’s role as the Savior who will bring back the happy endings is… choosing the right guy to kiss? That’s what she does? That’s our heroine? I’m sorry, that would be awful. And I don’t think the writers would do it.

Think about the various ways Emma has weakened the curse already; it hasn’t been by making out with people (well, she made out with Graham, but that’s beside the point), it’s been by saying “hey, you can be better than this. Shape up and BE BETTER”. 

That’s what worked with Archie, Ashley, Hansel&Gretel’s father (blanking on his name), even Graham - I mean, yeah, they kissed, but there was also a lot of Emma saying “you’re good, you can be good, you have a heart, be better and break Regina’s hold”. 

Ginny's dress makes her look like she has HUUUUUUUUUUUGE hips but she's still flawless as always and looks gorgeous tonight.

Her fashion style is hit or miss.

Or maybe I just don’t understand high fashion :P 

She’s so gorgeous, though, she’d look good in anything.